The perfect
two-step routine

Use the Body Scrubs and Natural Bronze Body Lotions together to maintain a healthy-looking bronze glow all year round
       Coconut Oil Formula 

Step 1

Coconut Sugar Body Scrub

Formulated with a unique blend of natural oils and Coconut Sugar to gently exfoliate dead skin cells revealing softer, smoother skin. Whilst Peppermint Oil invigorates leaving skin perfectly prepped for tanning application.

Simply massage the product using circular motions into damp skin, focusing on elbows, knees and ankles and rinse clean with warm water for your smoothest skin yet!

Ideal before applying Natural Bronze.

Step 2

Coconut Oil Natural Bronze Body Lotion

This indulgent gradual tanner is formulated with natural vegetable-based tanning ingredients sourced from Sugar Beets which deliver a truly authentic looking tan whilst deeply hydrating skin.

Simply apply to clean, dry skin and allow to dry for a few minutes before dressing. Wash hands after application.

Suitable for all skin tones.

       Cocoa Butter Formula

Step 1

Cocoa Butter Formula Body Scrub

This unique formula contains pure Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and natural crushed cocoa beans which moisturise, refine and polish skin.

Massage Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Cocoa Body Scrub in circular motion all over body, especially the areas that tend to be particularly dry such as knees, elbows and heels. Rinse thoroughly to uncover clean and smoother skin.

Ideal before applying Natural Bronze.

Step 2

Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze

With just a touch of self tanner, Palmer's® Cocoa Butter Formula® Natural Bronze® creates a delicate, sun-kissed, summer glow all year long. Gradually build a subtle tan within a few days, while deeply moisturizing your skin.

For best results, apply evenly once daily or as often as necessary to achieve the desired level or colour. Wash hands after use.

Suitable for all skin tones.

Ethically and Sustainably sourced
Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter

Free from Parabens, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Dyes.


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