Customer Service

No Blade®

How do depilatories work?
Depilatories contain a form of calcium which breaks down keratin bonds in the hair, making them weaker, so that the hair is easily scraped off where it emerges from the hair follicle. This is usually slightly below the surface of the skin, so depilatories are often preferred to keep skin smoother for longer.
Depilatories are completely safe when used as directed, please follow all directions on the package and test a small area 24 hours before use. All the Palmer's No Blade items are dermatologically tested.
Does it really work in 4 minutes?
YES! Palmer's No Blade is specially formulated to work safely in under 4 minutes since it contains skin soothers like Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E to replenish moisture lost from the hair removal process.
Since this product works so quickly, it is imperative to test a small portion of the area being treated before the total 4 minutes time has elapsed (i.e. at 2 minutes and then again at 3 minutes). If the hair is easily removed after testing a small area, continue to remove from the entire area with a spatula or washcloth.
Can I use it on my face?
Since the face can be a more senstive area, we have developed a formula specifically for use on the face.
Is it safe to use on my bikini area? What about on a shaved head?
No Blade is safe to use in the bikini area, but should not be used on the perianal or vaginal area. It is not recommended for scalp. READ WARNINGS AND USE AS DIRECTED.
Other depilatories have a nasty fragrance. Does Palmer's No Blade?
No. Palmer's has successfully developed formulas that are lightly perfumed with a cucumber melon fragrance which gives our products a pleasant scent.