Bump’s 10-minute Spa Evening Ritual with Palmer’s

Bump’s 10-minute Spa Evening Ritual with Palmer’s

AD | It’s @LaurenJessieWilliams here and here I am, juggling two little rascals, a growing bump, (and occasionally contemplating my life choices) snack requests, bum wiping, tantrums. Running a house solo while my husband works away (A lot). 

I’m here to share with you my 5-step skincare + self-love routine for that growing bump that even the busiest of mamas can squeeze into their chaotic schedule. 


Let’s call it Bump’s 10-minute Spa evening ritual…


Step 1: Bump's Spa Splash

(AKA a warm bath because what busy mama really has time for a spa day eh?)

A 5 Minute Soak for the Bath-Hater turned lover …. So, confession time mamas, I used to roll my eyes at the idea of a bath. The bubbles, candles, stewing in my own water etc just hasn’t ever made the list of my favourite past times … But for some reason, pregnancy turns me into a bathtub enthusiast. 

Who knew this bath-hating mama could find joy in a splashy bath with bubbles + bump?


Step 2: Moisturise Like a Boss 

After your short spa splash Moisturise Like a Boss – Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks Edition.

Alright let's talk about my true BFF in this pregnancy – Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula for Stretch Marks, aka my secret weapon. This range contains cocoa butter & shea butter, argan oil, collagen, vitamin E, lutein, & coconut oil. The solid balm to oil formula of the Tummy Butter melts on skin as you massage it in leaving skin deeply nourished with a subtle cocoa aroma... it’s divine and I still wake up feeling moisturised in the morning. Perfect for nourishing my growing tummy!


I have used the Palmer’s Stretch Marks range throughout all three of my pregnancies and I also use it on my boobs (because let’s face it, they’re on a wild ride of their own too!)

Palmer's Tummy Butter has become my sidekick in this stretch mark saga. Every evening, as I embark on my 10-minute spa escape (cue Step 1), I lavish my growing bump with this magical potion. The cocoa-infused goodness not only makes my skin feel like silk but while applying it to my bump, reminds me of the incredible journey my body is on. I smear it on generously, and voila – I’m moisturised + smelling like a chocolatey dream. Your bump will thank you.

PS - although this range helps improve the appearance of stretch marks, here’s a little reminder that – stretch marks aren't flaws; they're stories etched onto our skin. Each mark tells a tale of growth, of housing & nurturing a tiny human. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Tummy Butter doesn't just moisturise; it's a celebration of the changes, a ritual that transforms scars into badges of honour.

Stretch marks, you're not unwelcome guests; you're cherished imprints of motherhood's incredible journey. Cheers to Palmer's for helping us embrace every stripe as a symbol of strength and love!


Step 3: Belly Laughs for Survival…

Because Laughter is the Ultimate Bump Boost Let's talk survival tactics mama… In the chaotic realm of motherhood and pregnancy, laughter isn't just a luxury; it's a lifeline.  

Whack on your fav show or podcast (I personally love Michael McIntyre and Friends) that makes you laugh before bedtime and go to bed with a happy heart full of positive endorphins and therefore a happy bump.

I've made it a mission to find humour in the chaos of motherhood. From toddler antics to pregnancy quirks – if you don't laugh through motherhood, you might end up in a puddle of tears. 


Step 4: Hydration Nation  

Mamas, let's talk hydration. Forget the idea of sipping teas peacefully; they’re microwaved at least three times before you get a chance to drink it anyway, right? 


And you’re gonna be up a few times in the night to pee regardless so guzzle that water like it's your lifeline, and go to bed well hydrated - why not add a slice of lemon if you're feeling fancy. Your bump and your sanity will thank you later.


Step 5: Positive Affirmations – Because You're a rockstar.

Wrap up your routine with a side of positive affirmations. Remind yourself that you're not just a mama; you're a superhero juggling tantrums, snack requests, and a growing bump. 

So, there you have it, mamas – my 5-step bump loving routine. 

Embrace the chaos, pamper that bump with Palmer's + remember, you're doing an amazing job. 

Now go conquer motherhood with a moisturised bump & don’t take life too seriously, we’re all winging it! 


You've earned it mama. You’re a rockstar xo - @LaurenJessieWilliams